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2022 – NEW Membership Series

Yin Yoga – Frozen Shoulders

Yin Yoga – Trust the Process

Meditation – Peace

Mantra – Om Bhaghavan

Online course – Respiratory System & Pranayama

Yin Yang – Respiratory System

Yin Yoga – Kidneys

Yin Yoga – Feminine Essence

Meditation – Gratitude

Mantra – Hara Maha Dev

5 Elements – SPACE

Yang Yoga – Spleen & Stomach

Yin Yang Programs

Maha Mantra

Yin Yoga – Courage

Anxiety & Stress

Meditation – Grounding

Yin Yoga – Hips

Yin Yoga – Making Decision

Yin Yoga Bhakti Summer

Yoga Therapy Rosenheim

Fascia Dance

Half Butterfly

Sphinx / Seal

Square / Shoelace

Meditation – Uplifting