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The main purpose of all aspects of Yoga is to align body, mind and soul.


When practicing Yin Yoga with Mirjam Wagner you will discover a specially therapeutic and healing way to realize these benefits. However, Mirjam uses all aspects of Yoga to support healing from within.


Whether it is through a balanced Yin and Yang practice, Pranayama, Meditation or Mindfulness, we learn how to keep our body healthy; we become aware of our breath and its effects in daily life. We learn to observe and calm the fluctuations of our mind and especially, we learn how to interact with the world around us from a place of love and compassion.


The powerful combination of physical, energetic, mental and spiritual practices leads to a new awareness of who we are, how we connect to the world around us and where we take refuge when asking for support and guidance.


“The most advanced form of Yoga is personal responsibility”


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a therapeutic, quiet practice that creates more space on a physical, energetic and emotional level. This healing practice brings flexibility, strength and grace into our body and releases old stored emotions as well as the effects of destructive thought patterns.


Yin postures are mostly done sitting or lying on the floor while allowing bones to be pulled apart from each other in safe, opening poses. Instead of the muscles – that are the main focus in Yang Yoga – we target the connective tissue to make it stronger, juicier and therefore more elastic.


During a Yin Yoga practice we are invited to become still and have a closer look at ourselves. While being in a pose we get the chance to truly inhabit our body and soul and become friendly with different sensations and feelings that have been hidden for so long. Imagine to clean out your home when you are opening doors that had been shut for years and letting in fresh air and light into these forgotten places….


Become courageous and vulnerable to consciously support your individual healing process!


Introduction to Yin Yoga

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”



Meditation itself can be a quite intimidating word as there is still this misconception of our mind having to be as still as a mountain lake while meditating. Of course, this is not always happening and we can easily get frustrated.


What a relief, once we understand that meditation gives us the unique opportunity to observe and calm the fluctuations of our mind. While sitting still, we allow stored emotions to come up to the surface to be addressed in an appropriate way. Physical sensations indicate which parts of our body need our attention and require special care.


I invite you to stay curious and playful while going into deeper realms of your being and having a closer look at long hidden aspects of your being.


Become courageous and vulnerable to consciously support your individual healing process!


Introduction to Meditation

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”


Online Studio

I decided to take one step further and create this Online Studio to share these healing teachings on a global level and allow more people to benefit from their empowering results.


Efficient mini sequences for Yin Yoga, Meditation and the Feminine Archetypes will support you in moments when life becomes challenging.


>If you have already done trainings with me, you can continue to deepen your understanding and practice after coming back to your daily routine.


If you haven´t had the chance yet to participate in any of my programs, this online platform gives you an easy and affordable access to benefit from these healing and empowering teachings.


“An idea only grows bigger when it is shared”


What others say about me…


»As a yoga teacher, dear sister and human being, I’m full of respect for her journey of awakening, her integrity and the generous way she shares her love and wisdom with those she comes in contact with.«<


Elena Sepulveda

Founder of Yoga Agenda


»Sharing time with Mirjam during her workshops, retreats or trainings is a real privilege because of her generosity, sincerity and profound knowledge on all levels.«


Fabienne Sarasvati

Yoga Teacher